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Learn to surf at the Royal Surfing Grounds!

Breakwall Beach in Lahaina is the site of an ancient royal Hawaiian burial ground and surfing beach.
It is also the site of a modern day revival in surfing and outrigger canoeing.

One of the most important aspects of learning how to surf is of course, access to the most ideal surfing locations for learning. Maui's coastline offers beginner surfers some of the most beautiful warm water surfing conditions in the world.

The primary surf break where we teach is today known as the Breakwall, and is about as perfect as it gets for learning to surf. This sacred royal surfing location is positioned oceanside of the Lahaina Harbor and is a renowned surfing playground of the Ancient Hawaiians. We at Goofy Foot Surf School feel exceptionally appreciative, honored, and privileged to be able to perpetuate the Hawaiian Sport of Kings on this beautiful piece of the planet.

Waves grace these surfing grounds year round, blessing us with consistent wave action and a variety of conditions daily.The wave is very gradually sloped when it breaks and it continues as a gentle white-water roller for a considerable length of time as it peels toward shore. This offers beginners a chance to ride waves in the clear, shallow water for enough time to get a real feel for the board and ocean underneath their feet!

We can't imagine a much prettier place to learn to surf.


The Goofy Foot Surf School Shop On The Beach!

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When you find your way to 505 Front St, look for the Goofy Foot building at Suite 123. It's our store, office, school and gathering place!


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