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SUP Yoga is the practice of yoga on a standup paddle board. Luckily for us, our studio exists within the tranquil, waters surrounding the island of Maui. SUP yoga at Goofy Foot offers our clients an experience much more than a physical practice. SUP Yoga brings you a deeper understanding of your body and surroundings by combining yoga with the dynamic ocean environment. Our classes offer the opportunity to test your strength and balance while reaping the benefits of deep muscle release and relaxation – all while having fun under the Lahaina sun!

What to expect:
Our classes begin at Goofy Foot Surf and Stand Up Paddle School, one of the oldest established surf schools on Maui. Goofy Foot provides each person with all equipment necessary for class. Including stand-up paddle boards, paddles, reef safe water shoes, and rash guards. Once you are equipped with everything you need, one of our certified instructors will walk you to the beach where the lesson begins. Each of our lessons starts at 505 beach park where your instructor offers you a basic history of stand-up paddle boarding, basic ocean safety information, and detailed instructions regarding everything you need to know about how to stand-up paddle board. During class we coach you on form and technique as we paddle to our yoga destination – about a 10 minute paddle. Once we arrive at our destination, we anchor our boards in a silky, smooth, shallow sand bar. In this sacred space, we offer a yoga class that is catered to your skill level. After class your instructor will take epic photos of you in all the beautiful poses you just learned! We paddle back to 505 beach park to end our excursion.

2hr Group Lesson


per person8am -10am daily
Minimum of two people per group class.

2hr Private Lesson


per person8am -10am daily
Groups of 5 and up $150 per person.
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Benefits of SUP Yoga

Stand-up paddle boarding is a low-impact workout that boosts cardiovascular health and improves balance. SUP is an excellent full body workout where you often forget how much you are “working out” because you are entranced by the incredible views and turquoise waters beneath you filled with abundant marine life. When you combine the health benefits of SUP with the relaxing and rejuvenating practice of yoga the result is pure bliss. We promise you will finish each class with us feeling renewed and at ease, ready to live your best life!

Why Choose Us

Conquer your fears, test your limits, expand your mind and heart while taking your yoga up a notch! Here at Goofy foot surf school, ocean safety is our number one priority. Not only do we cover basic safety measures but we also inform our students on local knowledge, including coral reef health and marine life sustainability. Our certified SUP yoga instructors provide a detailed stand-up paddle board lesson including everything you need to know about SUP before entering the water. As we paddle across calm waters we will continue to guide and coach beginners. Our yoga location is unlike any place on Maui. With the occasional sea critter passing by, you will flow through a yogic experience that will fill your body, mind, and soul with the MANA (life source energy) of Maui. This safe, yet challenging practice is open to people of all skill levels. Never stand-up paddle boarded before? New to yoga? No problem. Our instructors provide constant guidance and reassurance while offering modifications for all positions. By the end our adventure you’ll feel like a pro and you’ll have pictures of a lifetime sent directly to your phone!

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Teacher Training and Retreats Available

*Available for people who have completed their 200 hr ytt.
*Info available upon request

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